Acquisitions and Syndications


We are active in the acquisition and syndication of income producing properties... and we provide investment opportunities, through limited partnerships and direct investments which are structured to achieve capital appreciation and investment incentives for each investor.

Our acquisition and syndication team completes extensive research and market studies for each project before developing proformas’ enabling us to forecasting financial viability. In turn, this results in packages that are sound with regards to location, competition, and profitability of a s pecific market-area. Additionally we manages each property to insure its operating profitability guidelines and the expectations our investors.

We have an impressive record of successfully managing a wide variety of income producing properties including apartment and office communities, residential subdivisions and shopping centers. Our philosophy is that professional management can have a significant impact on the long-term appreciation of the property.

We understand the terms by which the property is acquired is a crucial factor in real estate investments, and we also believe asset management is vital to the on-going success of an investment and finally a profitable sale of the property.

We contributes to the success of a property by employing the practical skills and proven management techniques acquired through decades of experience.